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In the beginning there was a tad snow...a wannabe guitar player. His first taste of Rock'n'Roll began
after High School. He had just moved to California.
Got a job at Musicland. Had a Peavey guitar and an amp his Grandmother helped him purchase.
He joined an established band called
Link to Joe's Guitars website
The Sayneman in '86
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After awhile I was hired on at Tower Records.
There I worked in the art dept with my friend Nathan Yost (in the Hard Rock T-shirt)
We made all of the displays like the one behind us. Bret Michaels stopped by to check it out.
You can't see them in the picture but Bret and I had on the same Cowboy boot's.
Here I am at work in the Art Dept at
Tower Records in San Mateo, CA.
Ah the Glam Days!